High Blue Belt Requirements

Blocks & Strikes Combo

  • Double Low Block
  • Palm Block
  • Reverse Knife Hand Block
  • Cross Block
  • Palm Strike

Kicking Combinations

  • Rear Leg Round Kick & Double Round Kick
  • Double Round Kick & Turning Back Kick
  • Tornado Kick & Back Kick
  • Rear Leg Round Kick & Tornado Kick & Hook Kick

Forms (Poomsae)

  • All Previous & Taegeuk Yuk Jang


  • 1-5


  • 3 Rounds – 2 min – 45 sec. Rest


  • Tornado Kick
  • Elbow Strike

High Blue Belt Study Guide


What is the meaning of Taegeuk Yuk Jang?

  • It symbolizes Water, meaning incessant flow and softness

Attack Points

  • High Section        |       Philtrum           |       In Joong
  • Middle Section     |       Solar Plexus    |       Myung Chi
  • Low Section         |       Groin               |       Nool Ro Sim

UTA Student Credo

We, the students of this Academy:

  1. Abide within the absolute spirit of the Martial Arts through stringent training of mind & body
  2. Stand solidly united in a common bond of discipline and fellowship
  3. Highly respect the rules of this academy and    obey the instructors commands that we may    bring only honor upon our academy and no dis    honor upon ourselves