Green Belt Requirements

Blocks & Strikes Combo

  • Inside Knife Strike
  • Outside Knife Strike

Blocks & Stance Combo

Start With:

  • Back Stance w/ Knife Hand Block

Change to:

  • Front Stance w/ Reverse Middle Punch


  • Front Leg Hook Kick
  • Rear Leg Hook Kick
  • Hop Step Hook Kick
  • Jump Front Leg Side Kick

Forms (Poomsae)

  • All Previous & Taegeuk Sam Jang


  • 1-5


  • 3 Rounds – 1 Minute – 30 Sec Rest


  • Back Kick
  • Hammer Fist

Green Belt Study Guide


What is the significance of the green belt?

  • Signifies the growth as the Tae Kwon Do skills begin to develop like the green of a young plant


What is the meaning of Taeguek Sam Jang?

  • It symbolizes Hot and Bright


What is the literal meaning of Tae Kwon Do?

  • Tae         |  The art of kicking or to kick
  • Kwon      |  The art of punching or to punch
  • Do           |  The way of life or path


Single Knife Hand

  • High Block          |    Han Sohnkai Ulgool Mahki
  • Low Block           |    Han Sohnkai Ahrae Mahki
  • Outside Block     |    Han Sohnkai Bahkat Mahki
  • Inside Block        |    Han Sohnkai Ahn Mahki

Double Knife Hand

  • Outside Block   |   Yan Sohnkai Momtong Mahki
  • Low Block         |   Yan Sohnkai Arae Mahki


  • Front Kick                 |    Ahp Chagi
  • Side Kick                  |    Yup Chagi
  • Roundhouse Kick     |    Dolrya Chagi
  • Back Kick                 |    Dwi Chagi
  • Drop Kick                 |    Nehyuh Chagi