Blue Belt Requirements

Blocks & Strikes Combo

  • Hammer Fist Knife Hand Strike
  • Ridge Hand Strike


  • Cross Stance

Kicking Combinations

  • Double Round House Kick
  • Tornado Round House Kick
  • Running Jump Front Kick

Forms (Poomsae)

  • All Previous & Taegeuk Oh Jang


  • 1-5


  • 3 Rounds – 2 Minutes 30 Sec Rest


  • Jump Front Kick
  • Punch

High Green Belt Study Guide


What is the significance of the Blue Belt?

  • Signifies the Heavens, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree


What is the meaning of Taeguek Oh Jang?

  •  It symbolizes the wind meaning both a mighty force and calmnesss according to its strength and weakness

Tenants of Tae Kwon Do?

  • Courtesy                 |   To be gracious, polite & show respect
  • Integrity                   |   To have high moral standards & be honest
  • Perserverance        |   To keep on going even though you’re tired
  • Self-Control            |   To have control of your emotions; not to show anger                                                  frustration or fear
  • Indomitable Spirit   |   A never give up attitude under any circumstance


  • Fist                         |   Joo Mok
  • Back Fist                |   Deung Joo Mok
  • Hammer Fist           |  Me Joo Mok
  • Knife Hand Strike   |   Sahnkai Chigi
  • Ridge Hand Strike  |   Sahnkai Deung Chigi