Fun & Exciting for ALL Ages!

At United Tae Kwon Do Academy, our award winning team of experienced instructors will help your tiny kicker realize Tae Kwon Do’s basic tenets of respect, self control, focus and discipline. At the same time, we remember what’s really most important to kids… Tae Kwon Do is FUN!

What to Expect

  • Your child will learn structure and discipline
  • Learn the fundamentals of respect & self control
  • Enhance focus, stamina, flexibility & coordination

UTA Best Results

  • Arrive 10 Minutes Before Class
  • Attend 2 classes /week (minimum)
  • Practice frequently at home 4 Set short term goals
  • Compete with yourself, not others
  • Talk with your instructor if you need help along your way

Want to learn more about the Tiny Kicker Classes for at United Tae Kwon Do? Contact us!