United Tae Kwon Do Academy of Winston Salem proudly hosted Enshin Itto-Ryu Battokutsu Sword Seminar led by Master Sterling Pace, Saturday October 23rd, 2015. For an amazing low price of $75.00, students who signed up and attended the sword seminar received a Iaito Sword to use during the Seminar.

Enshin Itto-ryu Battojutsu is a traditional sword art of Japan. Enshin or “the center of a circle” places emphasis on the art of placing oneself in the core of a circle, by being aware of ones surroundings and energy flow. Battojutsu, or the second major emphasis of this art form means “draw and cut sword art”.  The speed of drawing and cutting the opponent is en extremely important element of Enshin Itto-ryu Battojutsu.

The founder and the director is Machida Kenshinsai – Soke at the En-bukan Headquarters in Japan. The mother of Machida Kenshisai Soke is from a prestigious samurai clan in Aizu area of Tokugawa era. Machida Soke was born in 1932, and was taught martial arts since he was 3 years old from his father and grandfather.

Machida Soke trained himself to draw, cut and put the sword back in the scabbard within 2 seconds, and that honed skill is expected to attain among the higher ranked students.

This art consists of the three basic practical skills:

  1. Kata, set of solo pre-arranged movements using a Iaito(practice sword),
  2. Kumitachi, practical application against an attacker (a training partner) using a bokken(wooden sword)
  3. Tameshi giri, cutting a target using a Shinken (a real sword) to perfect the cutting skills and develop the mental focus.

The philosophy of the art includes: relaxation, distance, timing, focus, concentration, confidence, presence, intention, accuracy and intensive energy.


Enjoy images from our event and check back for updates and more exciting events like this at United Tae Kwon Do Academy of Winston Salem & Chapel Hill, North Carolina.